"Super Smash Bros Ultimate" tier list for March 2019 by ZeRo

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Roster

A new Super Smash Bros Ultimate tier list by pro player ZeRo sheds some light on who are the best Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters right now.

We’re only a few months into the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Yet, already the Tier Lists have shifted massively. Characters who were once considered Low Tier are now among the best, especially since the recent 2.0 Patch. Pro player ZeRo has made a new Super Smash Bros Ultimate tier list for Patch 2.0.0. Here’s how it looks.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List for March 2019

ZeRo gave his new tier list for March 2019, complete with analysis, in a four-part series on his YouTube channel. Here’s the full list.

Top Tier - Pichu, Peach/Daisy, Olimar, Lucina, Pikachu, Wolf, Fox, Wario, Inkling, Greninja

High Tier - Ike, Palutena, Young Link, Snake, Roy, Chrom, R.O.B., Shulk, Pokémon Trainer, Marth, Link, Mega Man, Yoshi, Lucario, Ness, Cloud, Zero Suit Samus, Sonic, Pac-Man, Lucas, Mii Swordfighter

Mid Tier - Ganondorf, Corrin, Falco, Mario, Dr. Mario, Bayonetta, Captain Falcon, Meta Knight, Richter, Simon, Toon Link, Samus, Dark Samus, Wii Fit Trainer, Mii Gunner, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Villager, Isabelle, Ryu, Ken, Pit, Dark Pit, Mii Brawler, Ice Climbers, Mewtwo, Diddy Kong, Kirby, Incineroar, Robin, Duck Hunt Duo, Rosalina & Luma, Sheik, Zelda, Jigglypuff, King Dedede, King K. Rool

Low Tier - Ridley, Bowser Jr., Piranha Plant, Mr. Game and Watch

Bottom Tier - Little Mac

ZeRo currently considers Pichu the best character in the game due to his speed, power, and range of moves. Peach, Olimar, Lucina, Pikachu, Wolf, Fox, Wario, Inkling, and Greninja are just behind as the other Top Tier characters.

He considers Little Mac to be the worst character in the game. Ridley, Bowser Jr., Piranha Plant, and Mr. Game and Watch also have too many weaknesses.

Will Characters Change in Super Smash Bros Ultimate 3.0?

While the character rankings seem fairly stable now, there could be some big changes with the next update.

Smash Ultimate is set for a big Spring Update with Super Smash Bros Ultimate 3.0. The update will introduce Joker to the roster, along with a new Stage, new Music, and likely some brand new content.

Patch 2.0 previously made many character balance changes. Patch 3.0 might once again nerf or buff some characters to make them more competitively viable. We’ll see how the Tier Lists switch up in the next couple of months.

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