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Boris Johnson Stokes Multinational Tax Debate

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has urged the government to make multinational companies such as Google pay their share of tax in the UK instead of pushing ahead with "absurd" Liberal Democrat proposals to impose a mansion tax on large homes.


Mitt Romney tells Fox campaign's 'real mistake' was disconnect with minorities

Mitt Romney has admitted that a failure to connect with minority voters and his underestimation of support for Barack Obama's healthcare reforms helped cost him the presidential election - an assessment that could have important implications for a Republican party divided over how to take back the White House.

Barack Obama

Obama turns 'austerity inauguration' into a dash for corporate cash

When Barack Obama became president, in 2009, he kept his promise to shake up Washington by imposing a $50,000 cap on all donations to his inaugural fund, declining any financial gifts from corporations or trade unions and releasing full details of all the individuals who had contributed.


The White House

US Elections: After The Campaign, The Hush of Polling Day Descends

At long last, the candidates will fall silent, the pollsters will put away their clipboards and the hush of election day will descend on America. In their tens of millions, watched anxiously by billions more around the world, Americans will finally end a long and bitter campaign, cast their votes and choose a president.

Barack Obama Campaign Stop

Obama v Romney: The Final Push

President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney on Saturday began the last frantic days of campaigning in their battle for the White House by criss-crossing America's key swing states.