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Enter Stephen Crabb, EU supporter who loves opera

Big Ben

Stephen Crabb – former Welsh secretary, the first man in the cabinet with a beard since David Blunkett, and now the replacement for Iain Duncan Smith as work and pensions secretary – was immediately dismissed as a “yes man” by shadow chancellor John McDonnell, a nod to the fact that Crabb has never voted against the government.

Iain Duncan Smith exit over welfare cuts threatens to widen Tory split on EU vote

Exit Sign

David Cameron was being driven back from RAF Northolt early on Friday evening when he was told that Iain Duncan Smith, his predecessor but one as Tory leader, had resigned from the cabinet. The work and pensions secretary quit in a fury, following vicious arguments with the Treasury over cuts to benefits for the disabled, announced in the budget only two days before.

Iain Duncan Smith: what made the quiet man roar?

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Will the real Iain Duncan Smith please stand up? The self-styled “quiet man” of British politics is a hard subject to paint in broad brush strokes. A former army officer, IDS – as he is known to many – is often seen in the mould of Norman Tebbit, the MP for Chingford, whose seat he inherited in 1992.