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Enter Stephen Crabb, EU supporter who loves opera

Big Ben

Stephen Crabb – former Welsh secretary, the first man in the cabinet with a beard since David Blunkett, and now the replacement for Iain Duncan Smith as work and pensions secretary – was immediately dismissed as a “yes man” by shadow chancellor John McDonnell, a nod to the fact that Crabb has never voted against the government.



Theresa May at Conservative Party Conference

Theresa May rules out snap UK election after ‘shock’ of Brexit vote

Theresa May has insisted in her first major interview since taking office that there will be no snap general election before 2020. The prime minister told The Andrew Marr Show the country needed a period of stability after the shockwaves of the pro-Brexit vote, and that the UK should be prepared for “difficult times” ahead, despite better-than-expected economic indicators.