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Climbing Kilimanjaro

Kili in the Distance

We have a friend who climbed Kilimanjaro (and she's not your typical trekker). Her words? "It really did turn out to be one of those 'once in a lifetime' opportunities, as well as one of the most exhilarating and rewarding trips I've been on... 

Adventures With Bragging Rights

Boarding Down the Volcano

These days the world really is our oyster; from trekking in Bhutan to crossing the Sahara, anything is possible. Already scaled a mountain, run a marathon and heli-skied with the best of them? Check out these five options.

Welcome to Valpo on the Pacific

Allegre Street

The barman grins and points to the mirrored wall behind him, where familiar and unfamiliar bottles of alcohol form a disorderly line on a shelf along the length of the room. Among the boozy kaleidoscope, three dolls in party dresses slouch next to a faded black and white photograph of the bar 40 years ago.

Villas for Summer

Corlac House

One of the best kinds of holidays is a week in a fabulous house surrounded by great friends, great food and great wine. With that in mind, we offer a few options for your summer villa rental.

Got 15 Mates & A Free Bank Holiday?

Alladale 4x4 Safari

Normally, we would not so unabashedly flog a product (or in this case a place) with which we don't have intimate knowledge, but since we can't go, we think one of you should. And no, we are not getting paid to say this.

3 Pen Cei, Aberaeron, Wales

Aberaeron Harbour (and 3 Pen Cei)

Given the fact we selected our Easter Wales destination based soley on the apparent quality of the B&B and the fact they had a six-foot bed available, we felt lucky to land on a 60-foot stretch of simple, luxurious sophistication in the lovely fishing village of Aberareon.

Ski You Later

Nevai Bar

This is it, the last of the season's articles on the most fabulous places to lay your head post piste. And this is about the time you need to book that trip too, if you haven't already. Before you know it, there will be grass on them there hills...

Driving Namibia

Palmwag Oasis

The hard-packed gravel road is deserted - a snaking sliver of insignificance in the great Namibian expanse of dusty scrubland and distant shimmering sand dunes. The only movement under the vast blue sky is the leisurely progress of the little car.