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Hedgie Gets Playful at the Met

The Metropolitan Hotel

The Metropolitan Hotel found its place in hotel folklore when Boris Becker wandered into a broom cupboard and fathered a child. Unfortunately for him it wasn’t a broom, or it would have saved him a lot of money.

Hedgie Stays at The Halkin

The Halkin Hotel

When Christina Ong came to London, she couldn’t find a hotel she wanted to stay in. So she created one. The Halkin is the perfect combination of Asian sensibility and Italian style, an ode to serene chic.

The Family-Friendly Fowey Hall Hotel

Fowey Hall Hotel

The trouble with staying at a child-friendly hotel is that you are inevitably signing up to a stay plagued by other people's children - and lots of them to boot.

Delight and Decadence at The Draycott

The Draycott London

When you’ve travelled the world and you’re bored with textbook five-star hotels, you come to the Draycott: a luxurious but unpretentious bolt-hole where everyone knows your name and the biscuits are made by the general manager’s wife.

Escape to South Africa (With a Deal)

Vineyard Hotel & Spa

Hardly a week goes by without a magazine or newspaper listing ten things to see or do before you die. Or twenty. Or fifty. Here's a secret your travel agent won’t tell you: most of them are pretty uninspiring.

V-Day is on a Saturday

Cuba Cars - Dario Lucarini

You know what this means: dinner at your favourite fall-back occasion restaurant isn't going to cut it. Good thing we have six excellent weekend breaks to inspire you. This is one reservation you will be able to get...

24 Hours in Marrakech

Marrakech Tiles - Susannah Huntington

Marrakech is rich, colourful and full of life. Start by exploring the city’s most exotic and ancient quarter, the Medina.

American Travel Inspiration

The London Bridge in AZ

Sick of the same old, same old? New York City, Napa Valley, Miami. (Actually, no, never sick of those spots.) Check out this hilarious list of truly inspired spots to check out on your next trip to Exchange Rate Heaven.