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A Weekend in Leith, Edinburgh

Harbour - Ove Tøpfer

Staycations became the must-have holiday for credit-crunched city workers in 2009 and the trend shows no sign of dying as we enter the second half of 2010 (something that may satisfy and alarm our coalition government in equal measures).

Sexy Londoner Wants Stylish New Yorker

Swap My City Pad

Does your stylish New York apartment want a date with my sexy London City pad? I’m a two-storey tall, young 100-year old, and have many fancy features including a hot steamy sauna and a state-of-the-art home entertainment system. Shall we swap for a long weekend in August?

Trailblaze On Your Next Trip

Banyan Tree Cabo Marques

Tired of the same old same old? Try one of these fabulous new hotels, located around the globe and designed to meet your every need - be it culture, family, or something a little special.

Hedgie Misses Out On Madeira

Jardins Dos Lago

“I am off to Madeira.” I announced to the Hedgie. "There are two lovely hotels the PR people want me to review.” “I’ll pack my casual clothes,” he replied. “You’re not coming." “Why?” “Because you’re no fun anymore," I answered.

The Perfect Way to Family Holiday

Round Hill Jamaica

One fact acknowledged by everyone is that the finding the perfect family holiday poses a number of challenges. For example, do you go with the independence and privacy of a villa, or the first class amenities of a hotel resort?

Ms R Takes a Long Bath in Cyprus

Columbia Beach Resort

The bath was a deep, inviting stone affair. With the exception of two bottles of bubbles I was alone, reflecting on the randomness of life: sometimes you have the man but not the bath. I had the bath but not the men.

Can a City Girl Become a Country Girl?

North Yorkshire Moors 2 - Jamie Brelsford

Take the shops and the bars away, the people and the Tube, and what have you got? The countryside. So last month, when I found out I was going on a staycation to the depths of the British countryside in one of Devon’s hidden 'gems', I welcomed an escape from the City and was looking forward to the slow pace of life and a bit of pub grub.




Living Tuscany: Montepulciano

Leaving New York, my home where I’m usually spirited during autumn, has me somehow relieved to be vacating the premises, feeling it’s a city on the verge of change. Or perhaps it is I who am changing.