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Always Jamaica

Round Hill Jamaica

Jamaica is an island where individuals come and never really leave. It has been an inspiration to Bob Marley, Ian Fleming and Noel Coward, and a place that Ralph Lauren escapes to at the weekend.

The Perfect English Weekend

Fallowfields Country House Hotel

What do you need for the perfect English weekend? The countryside, ideally rolling, dotted with lush green fields and some dense woodland, and maybe a lake. You also need a cozy, but not stuffy, hotel, with good food and drink.

A House On a Corner of the Earth

The View From The House

I'm sitting in the rare Newfoundland sunshine, taking in a jewel-box harbour that features a beautiful, new, yellow house sitting opposite the mouth of the cove. The Atlantic swells slightly beyond the rocks, and the occasional whale spouts by. Yes, whale.

The Road to Ananda Spa, India (Part One)

The Imperial, New Delhi

When my childhood friend, Sirkku, now living in New York, suggested we should have a once-in-a lifetime holiday together leaving kids, husbands and dogs to look after themselves for two weeks we both immediately decided that the only place we both really wanted to experience was the Ananda Spa in the Himalayas.

Let's Pretend We Live in Vancouver

Vancouver Anja Tessmann

Over here in Toronto, it's almost comical. Everyone wants to live in Vancouver. Only almost no one can, because Canada's business is here and in Montreal. But they can dream. And we can pretend for an evening (and maybe a week).

Airport Code Silliness

Go Away, Person

We can only wonder what lucky person at Skyscanner got this job: matching up airport codes to create rude, funny, and silly routes. And yes, there are a few x-rated ones, too.


Adventures With Bragging Rights

These days the world really is our oyster; from trekking in Bhutan to crossing the Sahara, anything is possible. Already scaled a mountain, run a marathon and heli-skied with the best of them? Check out these five options.

A Boaring Sunday

Living Tuscany: A Boaring Sunday

The wild boar, or cinghiale, of central and southern Italy, is an agricultural threatening nuisance to vegetation, much like deer to the United States, but is readily hunted as an asset to chefs who serve the cinghiale for the palatable pleasure of their carnivorous guests.

Sexy Londoner Wants Stylish New Yorker

Does your stylish New York apartment want a date with my sexy London City pad? I’m a two-storey tall, young 100-year old, and have many fancy features including a hot steamy sauna and a state-of-the-art home entertainment system. Shall we swap for a long weekend in August?

Hedgie Gets Playful at the Met

The Metropolitan Hotel found its place in hotel folklore when Boris Becker wandered into a broom cupboard and fathered a child. Unfortunately for him it wasn’t a broom, or it would have saved him a lot of money.

Resting Banker Girl Sleeps in Belgravia

Who are these miserable, stick figures in slut shoes? “They’re yummy mummies, apparently,” replied Resting Banker Girl. But they’re all scowling - or they would be if the Botox hadn’t stopped them.