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On an Island in the Sun

GoldenEye Jamaica

Chris Blackwell is one of the most influential people in music. He founded Island Records, introduced the world to reggae, recorded Bob Marley, U2, and The Cranberries, founded Palm Pictures, and now focuses on Island Outpost, a collection of boutique hotels in Jamaica.

A Trip For Every Month

Hakuura Club Niels Rameckers

In our dreams, this will be a New Year's Resolution - to take a fabulous trip every month, ideally one of these. Print this out for future reference.


India - A Bewitching Country

If you have any reservations about visiting India, forget them.  It has it all, top hotels; delicious food, magnificent sights, stunning scenery, great shopping and you feel very safe. 

Walt Disney Statue Michael Sult

Orlando – Vegas (For Families)

Once upon a time, Vegas was just for gamblers. In that same era, Orlando was just for those seeking the mouse. Now, one can visit Vegas without ever needing to go into a casino. While Orlando's off-theme-park picture isn't quite as complete, it's getting there.

Huvafen Fushi

Oh My Maldives

Having just returned from a jet-set spa holiday in the Maldives, I thought it only fair to inform you of my truly exceptional experience. Only fair, indeed.