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Diaries of a Daytona Addict: #4 Rodeos and V8s

This is it. It is meltdown friday. The jet lag and two full days finally catch up. We go out for a late breakfast, return and promptly fall asleep. One or two even sit outside by the cement pond overlooking the lake and scan the surface for alligators. The weather is definitely on the turn though still pretty cold.

Go Away, Person

Airport Code Silliness

We can only wonder what lucky person at Skyscanner got this job: matching up airport codes to create rude, funny, and silly routes. And yes, there are a few x-rated ones, too.

Trailblaze On Your Next Trip

Tired of the same old same old? Try one of these fabulous new hotels, located around the globe and designed to meet your every need - be it culture, family, or something a little special.

Lyme Regis

Let’s go to ... the Jurassic Coast

Jurassic World has just made movie history after raking in a record $0.5bn on its opening weekend, but there is real dino history to be explored on this lovely stretch of Devon and Dorset coast