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Living Tuscany: A Boaring Sunday

A Boaring Sunday

The wild boar, or cinghiale, of central and southern Italy, is an agricultural threatening nuisance to vegetation, much like deer to the United States, but is readily hunted as an asset to chefs who serve the cinghiale for the palatable pleasure of their carnivorous guests.

Living Tuscany: Puscina


What does one do on a typical Sunday in Montepulciano? Visit with Laura and Marco, of course, on Laura’s family farm, Puscina, with sweeping views of Val d’Orcia.

Living Tuscany: Montepulciano


Leaving New York, my home where I’m usually spirited during autumn, has me somehow relieved to be vacating the premises, feeling it’s a city on the verge of change. Or perhaps it is I who am changing.


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Michelin Stars, For Lunch And By Train has put together this amazingly detailed list of Michelin-starred restaurants around the UK, all accessible by train so you can enjoy a glass of wine, and not use your Michelin map to get home.

1964 Chevrolet Impala Lowrider Magazine

SoCal: A Parody of Itself

A dozen years ago, I travelled to LA every other month for work. Then 10 years passed without a trip. Had it always been so ridiculous? And had it always been so much about the cars?