Working From Home


Telecommuting Experiment: My Day Working From Home

Puppy Sleep Time Bev Lloyd Roberts

So Marissa Mayer thinks too many Yahoo employees could be deadbeats because they "work" from home, and their absence may be one reason the company's lost its way. So I decided to conduct an experiment and work from home for one day.

How To WFH (Work From Home)

Wireless Home Office

Here in the UK - and especially in the City - despite the abundance of every possible technological means, not too many people 'WFH' that often. And those that do face the obligatory raised eyebrow and slacker comments.

Working From Home

Laptop Sleep - Matthew Bowden

According to a government-sponsored campaign in the Netherlands, working from home not only helps the environment (less travelling equals less CO2 expulsion), but is healthier for both employee and company.