WestLB AG is a commercial bank domiciled in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany's most densely populated federal state and it is one of Germany´s leading providers of financial services.

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How Well Is Your Firm Placed For 2010 ?

Here's our rankings for the best-positioned large investment banks for 2010, based on the strength of the firms' balance sheets, their ability to pay market rate compensation, and bench-strength of their staff.

'Superwoman' Charms 'Junk Bond King'

CityNews always said she'd make a quick return. Only we thought that former WestLB principal finance banker Robin Saunders would partner with Guy Hands or someone of that ilk. Her next move, or so it is reported, could be even more sensational.

WestLB Settles Sexual And Racial Harassment Claim

48 year-old Angie Roberts claimed that a WestLB managing director made unwelcome advances towards her, which she rejected. According to the Daily Mail, a senior bank official is alleged to have showered Mrs Roberts, a former WestLB settlements officer, with compliments and 'pestered' her to ride with him in his car. During a car journey, the bank boss was said to have become 'amorous' and 'fondled her thigh whenever the car slowed'. Mrs Roberts says she eventually got out of the car after being asked to be dropped home. She then claims that the next Monday she was called into her boss's office and offered £10,000 to leave the bank.

More Hiring & Firing News

Bloomberg reports that Minneapolis-based investment bank Piper Jaffray is to cut around 40 of the 70 staff it currently employs in London, as its business model 'was impacted by the lack of capital raisings by...small and mid-cap clients'.