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Is Xavier Rolet being forced out as London Stock Exchange chief?

London Stock Exchange

Did the board of the London Stock Exchange demand that its chief executive quit against his wishes? This simple question, you would assume, could be answered with little fuss. All that is required is an answer from either the chairman, Donald Brydon, or the chief executive himself, Xavier Rolet.

LSE's French boss Xavier Rolet says it's time to go. But why?

London Stock Exchange

The London Stock Exchange would like everyone to know it will choose a successor to the chief executive, Xavier Rolet, in a smooth and orderly manner and, since the boss’s last lap of the track could extend until the end of next year, there will be “many opportunities” to celebrate his “remarkable achievements”. It’s nice to know there’ll be a knees-up, but it would be more useful to hear why Rolet has chosen to go.