Five Questions in Five Minutes

Richard Biggs Camino

In a new, regular feature, HITC bar and restaurant reviewer, Walton Woodford, sits down with one of London's food and drink impresarios. He kicks things off with Richard Biggs, the man who brought you Cantaloupe.

Tapas Brindisa, Soho

Tapas Brindisa Soho

Perhaps it’s since Spain won the European Championship, or maybe its because her brother is the vice-consul in Alicante. Whatever the reason, the Northerner and I seem to be on a Spanish roll right now. From the superb Camino Monumento a few weeks back, to one of the forefathers of London’s Spanish food revolution, Tapas Brindisa.

Enoteca da Luca

Wine Cellar Graham Soult

When I first arrived in the UK from a third world island of the South Pacific (New Zealand), I chanced upon a new and innovative way of eating food. Tapas was a concept unheard of in early-'90s Polynesia (which becomes obvious when you see the size of people down there). As a food style, it quickly became a favourite of mine.