Tudor Jones shutting down first fund he ever opened

Hedge Fund

Hedge-fund manager Paul Tudor Jones is closing the Tudor Futures Fund, the first hedge fund he ever opened, in order to focus on his far larger flagship fund, Tudor B.V.I. Global, according to people familiar with the matter,

Hedge fund managers post Q1 losses

Hedge Fund

Paul Tudor Jones, Michael Novogratz and Louis Bacon, hedge-fund managers that profited last year from bets on macroeconomic trends, posted losses in the first quarter as some of those trades turned against them.

Hormones Don't Hurt Females – Inequality Does

Foot In Mouth

If a gaffe, in the famous formulation of journalist Michael Kinsley, can be best described as when someone accidentally admits the truth, then hedge fund star Paul Tudor Jones made a doozy of one at an off-the-record chat hosted by the University of Virginia last month.

Mothers Can Be Great Traders Too

Foot In Mouth

Karen Finerman responds to Paul Tudor Jones' comment that it's difficult for mothers to become traders because connecting with a child is a "focus killer."

Wall Street Legend No 29 - Paul Tudor Jones

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Paul Tudor Jones II (born September 28, 1954), is the founder of Tudor Investment Corporation, which is the management company for his various private investment partnerships, also referred to as hedge funds.