Michael Gove


Boris-basher Gove gets a taste of his own medicine

Michael Gove interview

The last time many people would have caught a glimpse of Michael Gove was on the morning after the EU referendum when he appeared before the TV cameras looking like a bloke who had just come down from a bad acid trip to discover he had murdered several of his closest friends.

Justine Greening fails her own 11+ test

Justine Greening

There are few things sadder than a minister trying to defend a policy she doesn’t really believe in. This time last week no one, especially the education secretary, was talking about grammar schools. Then a photographer snapped a No 10 adviser with a briefing note on grammars and Justine Greening was forced to come to the Commons to answer an urgent question about them. “I know nothing about anything,” said Greening. “But when I do, I’ll let you know.”