Mexican Grand Prix fans and passion lay foundations for long F1 future

Mexico flag

Mexico City is in the mood for a fiesta and clearly has no intention of doing it by half. That Formula One has arrived in town is impossible to miss – the posters, the promotion and the beaming local fans are all too obvious. Better still there is a buzz – a throbbing sense of excitement and anticipation that is unique to venues where passion for the sport far outweighs crass commercialism or political agendas.

Why Mexico, not USA, will enjoy home advantage at Copa América

Mexico flag

At the final whistle of Mexico’s 2-0 World Cup qualifying victory over Canada in Mexico City in March, home fans celebrated not by singing Cielito Lindo – the 19th century song often heard at Mexico’s soccer matches that has come to represent national pride – but instead by showering the national team with a chorus of boos and whistles.