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Busted Ex-Bank Exec Now Done Over Ecstasy

Talk about kicking a man when he's down. 42 year-old Ian Chalmers, variously described as a former head of sales and / or trading over at Macquarie Bank in Australia, has been banged up for months awaiting sentencing after being found guilty last year of conspiring to import cocaine with the help of baggage handlers at Sydney Airport in 2005, has now pleaded guilty to an unrelated charge of supplying ecstasy. The offense is said to have come to light when investigators were intercepting Chalmers' phone calls.

Troubled Bankers

Here's an interesting collection of bankers who are experiencing a variety of problems from alleged insider trading, complicity in tax evasion, securities fraud and good old straightforward bonus blues.

Firms Signing Up For Free Access To Global Candidate Database

The pictures of former Houlihan Lokey banking consultant Joshua Persky pounding the streets of New York's financial district trying to get a job sent a shiver up many a spine. Financial markets professionals, aware that we are in the middle of the worst market crisis probably since the 1930s, wondered if they were looking at their own future.