Kate Middleton


UK economy cashes in on royal baby

As enthusiastic royalists await the arrival of the royal baby, analysts said the birth would also be "overwhelmingly positive" for the U.K. economy.

The Millinery to the Stars

Victoria Grant

As the wedding season draws in and London Fashion week passes us by - and with royal celebrations splashed across the news - it seems only fitting to bring you a centrepiece from Fashion Royalty herself, Victoria Grant.

The view from a broad: Kate Middleton's hair ... and heirs

✤ Oh joy and sweet hurrah! We have a new princess to play with! Yes, I'm sure I speak for women everywhere when I say that this is Not Before Time – after all, we've had to spend the last decade making do with pretend princesses, such as Paris Hilton and Jennifer Aniston and Aung San Suu Kyi, and now we have the real thing.