True Grit – review

The Coen brothers' excellent western True Grit is a second and rather different version of Charles Portis's novel, rather than a remake of the 1969 film that brought John Wayne an Oscar as the one-eyed bounty hunter Marshal Rooster Cogburn.

True Grit – review

Jeff Bridges – stooped and shambling, with a gravelly drawl – gives us the Duke by way of the Dude in the Coen brothers' satisfying, back-to-basics overhaul of the antique John Wayne classic.

Jeff Bridges

Some of us have revered Jeff Bridges for decades – since his good-natured young studs and chumps: Duane in The Last Picture Show; the boxer who keeps getting knocked out in Fat City; and, with Barry Brown, as drifters and small-time thieves in Bad Company.

Tron Legacy

Tron Still

Can the sequel to a 1982 classic be updated to the 21st century without losing the spirit of the original? (The answer is yes, providing they haven't introduced clumsy cartoon characters that can't speak properly.)