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Cantor Boss Has Bad Boy Past

The Sunday Times reports that Lee Amaitis, the boss of Cantor Fitzgerald in Europe, has a colourful past which did not surface in the recent high profile London court fight between Cantor and rival broker ICAP.

Sunday Times 'City Rich List' - Top 20

The Sunday Times has just published its second annual 'City Rich List'. The newspaper has used various means to calculate the net-worth of the individuals mentioned - and many of those who made the list will not welcome the numbers applied against their names. Here's the Top 20 and a few other interesting entries:

So Who Are The City's Richest ?

Yes, the guys and girls (mostly guys) who have made their millions by plying their trade in the financial markets in the 'square mile'. The Sunday Times has compiled a list of the City's 100 richest people - not surprisingly, over half of those who got into the top 100 made their dosh in hedge funds or private equity. Listed below is the Top 10 and other notables and worthies.

Cantor 'Rejected' Sept 11th Truce

The Telegraph reports that Michael Spooner, chief executive of broker ICAP, has claimed in court that he offered rival Cantor Fitzgerald 'the cessation of hostilities' after the events of September 11th. The lives of 658 Cantor employees were lost in the terrorist attacks.

Celebrity Football Penalty Shoot-Out - See Who Qualified

Ever thought what it would be like to take part in a penalty shoot-out, and face off against soccer legends like Neville Southall (ex-Everton) and Hans Segers (ex-Wimbledon, and the coach to England goalkeeper Nigel Robinson) ? Well, 40 chancers now have a chance to show what they can do from the spot.

'Boss of The Year' Poll - How's Your Guy(s) Doing ?

CityNews is on a quest to find out how staff rate their bosses. We are asking you to vote for the CEO, Chairman or firm President that you think has done the best job this year (and it doesn't have to be your own). Anyone can vote (or nominate a boss), as long as you send in your vote from a recognised work e-mail address.