Guantanamo Bay


Naomi Wolf on Obama: 'His record on civil liberties is shocking'

When Obama was elected I was hopeful and fearful at the same time. I was excited about his inaugural promise to close Guantánamo and I believed that he meant it. The suppression of civil liberties is more critical than any other issue we have right now in America, and I would say globally as well. I was hopeful but I knew that the vested interests that benefit from terror theatre and endless war are so powerful that no single president is powerful enough to completely resist that pressure.

Obama's drone wars and the normalisation of extrajudicial murder

Barak Obama

In his first campaign for the presidency, Barack Obama promised to reverse the worst excesses of the Bush administration's approach to terrorism – such as the use of torture, the rendition of terrorist suspects to CIA-run black sites around the globe, and the denial of basic legal rights to prisoners in Guantánamo – and to develop a counterterrorism policy that was consistent with the legal and moral tradition of the United States.