Douglas Flint


HSBC in weekend HQ decision

HSBC’s board will meet on Sunday to decide whether to shift its headquarters from London, according to two people with knowledge of the decision.

HSBC said considering shock US move

HSBC Canary Wharf

HSBC, which has threatened to move its headquarters out of the UK amid concerns over excessive tax, is eyeing the US as a serious alternative to its traditional home of Hong Kong, according to reports.

HSBC thought needed to announce bold changes

HSBC Canary Wharf

No longer feared as 'too big to fail', shareholders are weighing whether HSBC is now 'too big to succeed', and want to know next week how the bank's bosses propose to increase profitability at a sprawling group beset by huge costs.

HSBC undertakes review

HSBC Canary Wharf

HSBC, Europe’s largest bank, started a review of where its headquarters should be, signalling it could move away from the U.K. because of increased regulatory burdens.