Culture is holding women back from reaching the top in financial services

London Canary Wharf

Around 1990 I was appointed to a subsidiary board of the Norwich Union Group (now Aviva) and was one of the first women to become a director there. That much was obvious because, in the hallowed Marble Hall that provided the board room and senior executive offices, there were no facilities for women. And, at my first board meeting, the chairman assumed that I was there to take notes.

Disney's dilemma: digitally resurrect Carrie Fisher or write her out of Star Wars?

Carrie Fisher

There is a temptation to assume that Princess Leia, and by extension Carrie Fisher, who played the Alderaanian Rebel leader in four movies across more than five decades, belongs to all of us. For those who grew up with the fiery bun-headed teenager in 1977’s Star Wars, her youthful image is burned so deeply into our cerebellums that we can recall her countenance in an instant.