Cake in the City

Red Velvet Cupcake from Hummingbird Bakery

City workers rejoice. Tomorrow is Friday, the weather forecast is perfect, and the best cakes in London are coming to you for easy purchase (and a good cause).

Captain Planet's Good Ideas

Some Nice Tomatoes - Alan Luckow

Let's be real - we don't actually think that being greener was one of your New Year's resolutions. But if you have a greener year, then you can have a more self-satisfied year. And that we do know is real.

Dust Off Your Mask

Masks - Nico1

On Friday 14th August, six colleagues at a certain professional services firm at More London Place will see their hard work pay off when the doors of Gibson Hall open on their summer charity ball. Tickets are still available, and at £60 a pop, offer a good deal for you - and for The Prince's Trust.