Margarita Salt Trish Parisy

Toast London's Mexican food explosion (and the Jubilee!) with a margarita. And lest you think they only come one way, let us enlighten you.

The Taste of Austerity: Watermelon

Watermelons Mateusz Atroszko

The only problem with watermelon is cutting it up. It's big and heavy, it requires a huge knife, and even worse, about 10 minutes of your time. But a snack, a cocktail, and a salad, all from just one? Well worth the effort.

Ambar, ODEON, Swiss Cottage

ODEON Swiss Cottage

It’s funny how much going to the cinema has changed. What was once a visit to the 'pictures' to eat frozen ice creams and dodgy popcorn (while surrounded by hormonal teenagers trying to cop a snog) has transformed into a very grown-up night out.

Champagne Cocktail, Darling?

Champagne Jean Scheijen

While nothing beats it straight, sometimes you want to up the festive ante. Ergo, we bring you five cocktails made with Champagne, to ensure your coming days are particularly, um, sparkling.

Shaker and Company, Warren Street

Shakerbar PWF 0386, Bartender Shaking

London’s appetite for quality cocktail bars shows no sign of waning, and Shaker and Company (brought to you by the Bar School and Events team of the same name) is the latest to jump on this well-stocked bandwagon.