HSBC scores first

Number One

HSBC became the first foreign bank to win permission for a majority-owned securities joint venture in China, a structure some of its competitors have unsuccessfully lobbied to secure for several years.

Chinese whispers scarce after rules put brakes on CSL’s megastar transfers

Brazilian soccer players Lucas Lima (L), Oscar and Hulk (R) attend a training session in Sao Paulo

‘Great Wad of China”, “Great Walk of China”, “Chinese Takeaway” “Forbidden City!” (for a story about Kasper Schmeichel not leaving Leicester), “China Crisis!” “There is no China Crisis!” A genre of UK headlines could soon become redundant after the latest intervention by the Beijing government in its flagship football competition, the Chinese Super League, came into force.

JPMorgan seeks China control

China Flag

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who in December agreed to exit a minority-owned Chinese investment-banking joint venture, said the U.S. bank is seeking to find a new structure that would eventually give it full control.