Sushinho, The City


You always learn interesting things doing this job. For example, I never knew that there was a large Japanese population in Brazil.

Kidnappers anger the ‘Hulk’

Reports on Monday suggested that the sister of Zenit St Petersburg forward, the ‘Hulk,’ had been kidnapped in her native Brazil. Local police confirmed that Angelica Aparecida Vieira had been missing since 2pm local time on Monday, when she was last seen outside of her work.

Latin Food Tangos Across London

Ceviche Soho

As you may have noticed, there are lots of new burrito places around town, along with a few other places serving South American specialties. They are good, fast, cheap, filling and delicious, and only one will kick you out after spending lots of money on dinner.

Cabana, Westfield, Stratford City

Cabana Westfield

In case you haven’t noticed, this is an Olympic year in our fair city. That’s right, 2012 (pronounced twenty-twelve, rather then two thousand and twelve in the gospel according to Boris) is when we will get to see Usain Bolt break world records on a diet of chicken nuggets, while we pin our hopes on sports in which no other country can really afford to compete – roll on the equestrian and sailing.