American Football


Women tell the NFL: Go bag the bag ban

The NFL thought it had problems with the players union, a boring preseason and head injuries. Now it's spawned an angry mob made up of half the population of the United States.

Advertising, Super Bowl Style

Tide Miracle Stain

In a year with a mid-game power outage, one of the longest touchdowns in Super Bowl history, and the player from The Blind Side, you could almost get distracted from the ads. (But at $4m per 30 seconds, you couldn't say the same for the 30 companies that bought them.)

Tebowing: Not What You Think

No Kneeling Michal Zacharzewski

If you already know what Tebowing is, feel free to move on. If you're a bit unsure, stay with us. But be prepared: it's not anything like tea-bagging.