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AllianceBernstein Extends CEO's Employment Contract

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AllianceBernstein has announced that Peter Kraus, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and AllianceBernstein have agreed to extend the contractual term of his employment for an additional five years, commencing in January 2014, when his existing contract expires, through January 2019.


Royal Bank Of Scotland Said To Score Own Goal

Bloomberg reports that RBS Securities is counting the cost of what looks like a silly error made by one of its staff who is alleged to have sent out an 'unauthorized' e-mail to clients concerning the planned IPO of US TV ratings company Nielsen Holdings.

'Terrified' Staff Learn That They HAVEN'T Been Laid Off

Now we've heard it all! There's a story doing the rounds (FT Alphaville and Fintag) that Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), in the middle of firing colleagues just-integrated from ABN AMRO's wholesale banking operation (among others), is concerned about the dignity (or lack of ) of those who get let go.