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Review: Fifa 13 still finding ways to dazzle

Football Celebration

So Fifa 13 was released on Friday, giving men across the world a one-time ticket to become a ghost to society, cooped up in front of a television just to say they can control a ball as well as Lionel Messi. Here Is The City have managed to grab a copy, and are pleased to announce that the game is far from just another instalment in the Fifa franchise.

Why Twitter Has No Plans to Go Public: CEO

Twitter On Screen

Twitter is at a turning point, trying to roll out advertising while also maintaining the user experience. I sat down with Twitter CEO Dick Costolo at the company’s new San Francisco headquarters to talk about his plans to grow the social media giant.

Why I won't be buying FIFA 13

Old Console Game Cartridges

As one of the biggest days in gaming approaches, the release of the newest edition of the FIFA series, Mathew Nash tells of his 'deeply' personal grievances for not buying the game, and why the middle-people of gaming addiction should boycott it this year, for their own health, sanity and lifestyle.