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LinkedIn Endorsements Turn You Into The Product

Linkedin Pen

There's a joke going the rounds about LinkedIn, which is a kind of Facebook for corporate types. It goes like this. First man (smugly): "I'm on LinkedIn, you know?" Second man: "Really? I had no idea you were looking for a job."

Facebook's Dirty Poke App Trick Gets A Thumbs Down

Thumbs Down

Several Yuletides ago, before the novelty of camera phones had worn off, a group of us spent much of Christmas doubled up with laughter after inventing 'hand porn', where we'd photograph close ups of our hands in a way that looked anything from suggestive to explicit. It was funny at the time.

Autonomy Former Chief: Hewlett-Packard is Watering Down Accusations

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The former chief executive of Autonomy claimed that Hewlett-Packard was watering down the accusations it had levelled against him over the accounts filed by his old software company – and said that he had not heard from the US Department of Justice, which HP had revealed had opened an investigation into the dispute last month.