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Iron Man: The Official Game – Review

Iron Man

Iron Man 3 has you hurtling through procedurally generated levels that are different every go, splitting your time between low-level flight avoiding buses and lorries and soaring up to the sky to shoot down drones and evade incoming air traffic.

Conscious Computing: How To Take Control Of Your Life Online

Twitter On Screen

Back in the summer of 2008 – a long time ago, in internet terms, two years before Instagram, and around the time of Twitter's second birthday – the US writer Nicholas Carr published a now famous essay in the Atlantic magazine entitled Is Google Making Us Stupid? The more time he spent online, Carr reported, the more he experienced the sensation that something was eating away at his brain.

Carl Icahn: Dell's Deal 'Almost Grand Theft'

Michael Dell

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn, who is teaming up with Southeastern Asset Management, criticized the proposed $24.4 billion buyout by founder Michael Dell and private equity firm Silver Lake Partners, calling it a "great giveaway."