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Motorola X Preview [VIDEO]

Moto X

Here's a quick preview of Motorola's new smartphone, the Moto X. With it's virgin Android installation, vast customisation options and unique features (think always on Siri) and this could prove to be the Android device that truely takes the battle to the iPhone.

Enthusiasm for Facebook said waning among teenagers

Facebook In Browser

There may be a problem for Facebook when a group of teenagers says it "confuses and scares" them and makes their eyes hurt. Though Facebook is still considered the most popular social network among teens, their enthusiasm seems to be waning.

Twitter boss says sorry to targets of troll abuse

Twitter Sign

Twitter has issued new rules to help it clamp down on abusive behaviour, while its British chief apologised to women targeted for online attacks, as it battled to deflect widespread criticism that it was not doing enough to target trolls.

LinkedIn CEO: The strategy 'that works' on mobile

Linkedin Pen

LinkedIn's new strategy of surfacing sponsored posts in the feeds of its users is working right now and is key for social companies looking to generate revenue on mobile devices, said Jeff Weiner, the company's CEO.