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Twitter sets share price at $17 to $20 in $11bn IPO valuation

Twitter Keychain

Twitter set out fresh details of its share sale on Thursday, valuing itself at $11bn. In a regulatory filing, Twitter set a range of $17 to $20 for the shares it will sell in the initial public offering (IPO). The sale is expected to raise up to $1.6bn and looks set for 6 November.

Sonic: Lost World review


Divided into Sonic's usual forest/desert/tropical/snowy zones, stages vary between traditional 2D and outrageously vertiginous 3D that delights in showing off its shiny, beautifully presented worlds by bouncing Sonic among multiple pinball-style bumpers.

Twitter goes head-to-head with the Bank of England

Bank Of England Building

Public relations minefield or move to greater transparency ? Companies and governments hosting question and answer sessions over the social media site Twitter have had their fair share of mishaps over the years, but that hasn't dissuaded the Bank of England (BoE).