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Facebook marketing ? Don't bother, says new report

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Facebook is doing more to disconnect than connect brands to their customers, according to a damning new report on the social media site, with professionals ranking it last in a list of successful marketing tactics.

Carl Icahn fires back at Bill Gross on Twitter

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Billionaire investor Carl Icahn took a shot back at Bill Gross after the co-chief investment offer at Pimco lambasted Icahn last week on Twitter for his activist investor role in Apple stock.

Google tied to mysterious barge in San Francisco Bay

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There's a mystery surrounding a large structure being built with shipping, or cargo, containers on a barge in San Francisco Bay. Several reports have tied it to Google, and there are a couple of ideas about what they're up to.

Could your five-year-old be the next Bill Gates ?

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Children as young as five will begin learning computer coding next year as part of a shake-up of the U.K.'s national curriculum, but the move is as much about giving British education an edge as it is about plugging a talent gap in the computing and technology sectors.