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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 – Review

Tiger Woods

With Tiger having recently reclaimed the world No1 spot, the timing could not be better for EA's latest in its long-running series but, as is the tendency with annually updated sport sims, this is evolution not revolution.

Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel - Review

The Devil

If you've played the other Army Of Two games you probably won't be expecting poignant subtextual discourse on the futility of war; more a pair of heavily armed fist-bumping frat boys on a killing spree.

Hilco To Save HMV Brand in £50m Rescue Deal

HMV Signage

There might just be life in the old dog yet: Nipper, the mascot who has peered into a gramophone in HMV shop windows for more than 90 years, appeared close to being saved in a £50m deal that will safeguard 2,500 jobs and up to 140 branches of the UK's last major high street DVD and CD chain.