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Xbox One and the inconvenience of gamers

Xbox One Controller

This is surely just me, I think. I'm looking at the Friends page of the Xbox One interface, trying to work out who is online. But the mass of square icons indicating all of my Xbox-owning pals doesn't immediately provide that information – it's just a mass of profile pics and data.

PlayStation 4 review: a games machine to play together

Playstation Emblem

Twenty years have passed since the original PlayStation games console arrived, utterly disrupting and revolutionising the industry. Sony had a simple plan: build a powerful console that would inspire gamers and developers. The company has done just this – again – with the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4: the rebirth of cool

Playstation 4 Controller - Top View

In a cavernous hangar way out in the industrial wilds of Acton, South London, where the ground is strewn with junkyard shrapnel and the sky is October grey, a film crew hopes to condense PlayStation’s 20-year history into an advertisement.