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Google is testing password-free logins

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Google's quest to kill the password is gathering steam. The U.S. search giant confirmed it is testing a way for users to log its in to services using just their smartphone and no password.



Seven tricks to speed up Google Chrome

Many would say Chrome is the best browser out there. It’s certainly the most popular, used by more than half of the online world. But it’s a beast that can slow your computer to a crawl if left unchecked.


Head of Wikimedia resigns over search engine plans

The executive director of the Wikimedia foundation, the body that manages the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia, has resigned following a row within the community over leaked plans to apparently build a search engine and compete with Google.

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HP announces post-split boards

Hewlett-Packard announced new board members Wednesday as the technology concern looks to separate into two companies with more favorable cost structures, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.