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N Joseph Woodland Obituary


Almost every product you buy now carries a barcode, and its familiar black-and-white lines are used in more than 5bn transactions each day. Its co-inventor, N Joseph Woodland, who patented the idea 60 years ago, has died aged 91.

Internet Remains Unregulated After UN Treaty Blocked

On The Internet

A proposed global telecoms treaty that would give national governments control of the internet has been blocked by the US and key western and African nations. They said they are "not able to sign the agreement in its current form" at the end of a International Telecoms Union (ITU) conference in Dubai.

Twitter in 2012: The Real Story

Twitter On Screen

It's freezing, every packed store is playing dreadful music, and Channel 4 has aired Elf yet again – it can only mean one thing: it's that time of year when every online venture (and their respective dogs) release their "end of year" roundups.

Facebook Pushes U.S. to Top of IPO Charts

The $16 billion Facebook share offering made the U.S. the biggest global market for initial public offerings (IPOs) for the first time since 2008 this year, according to figures from Dealogic.