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Aaron Swartz: US Attorney Says She Only Sought Six-Month Jail Term


The US attorney accused of hounding internet activist Aaron Swartz to his death has responded by saying that her office's actions were "appropriate", and that she had only been seeking a six-month sentence in "a low-security setting" rather than the 30 years' jail that his actions might have attracted.

Dell Buyout Has '50-50' Chance: Billionaire Ross

Lucky Dice

There's a '50-50 chance' that Dell would be taken private under a deal reportedly under discussion, private equity billionaire Wilbur Ross told CNBC on Tuesday, in reaction to reports that the computer maker is in talks with PE firms about a potential $20 billion-plus buyout.

Why IBM's Watson Supercomputer Can't Speak Slang

IBM Sign

"OMG, that's a bullshit question. Eat one, you doofus." One as-yet-to-be-determined day in the future, computers will talk back to us in this manner. But, thankfully, it would appear that Computers with Attitude are not yet on the near-horizon.

Google Set for Brussels Showdown

European Flag

Brussels is moving towards a regulatory showdown with Google after the European commission's competition chief accused the company of diverting internet users to its own services.