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Telecommuting Experiment: My Day Working From Home

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So Marissa Mayer thinks too many Yahoo employees could be deadbeats because they "work" from home, and their absence may be one reason the company's lost its way. So I decided to conduct an experiment and work from home for one day.

Yahoo Chief Bans Working From Home

Laptop Sleep - Matthew Bowden

Surfing the web from at home might be just what Yahoo's chief Marissa Mayer wants her audience to do – but she has banned employees of the company itself from working "remotely", in an edict sent out last Friday to Yahoo's thousands of staff.

Google Is Headed to $1,000: CLSA Analyst

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Google's expected roll-out of a new advertising-management system this summer will increase value for shareholders, said James Lee, analyst at CLSA, which raised its price target on Google to $1000.

Why Microsoft Is Losing Billions NOT Being on iPad

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Microsoft's pride may be costing it billions of dollars. The tech giant may be missing out on about $2.5 billion in revenue by not offering its Office Suite-which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint - on Apple's iPad.