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One financial book you have to read over the holidays

With the holiday season soon upon us, here's one book about the financial markets you have to read, which is jam-packed with action, emotion and the inside track about the success and ultimate failure of one's of the best known firms on Wall Street.

'When Washington Shut Down Wall Street'

'When Washington Shut Down Wall Street' by William L. Silber unfolds like a mystery story. It traces US Treasury Secretary William Gibbs McAdoo's triumph over a monetary crisis at the outbreak of World War I that threatened the United States with financial disaster.

Exile On Wall Street

In 'Exile on Wall Street', star banking analyst Mike Mayo reveals for the first time the details of his ongoing battle with Wall Street firms to come clean and proves that all the factors leading to the financial crisis (dodgy accounting, the separation of risk from reward, outsized executive pay) are still happening.