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Eavesdropping on a First Date

People From Above Scott Liddell

I was out for lunch with a friend the other day and we were chatting over a glass of wine, minding our own business. But it was a small restaurant, and we could not help but overhear what was going on at the table next to us: a first date.

Back to School

Books Of Owl Pawel Bialas

Yay! I’m back in school, doing law this time. To be honest, I never had much interest in law and used to categorise it with history. Rather dull.

Let's Play House

Game Pieces Www Garrisonphoto Org Sxc

Apart from two sour, single seniors, I am the only woman in our banking department. It means I can basically get away with anything.

The Career Carousel

Carousel Silhouette Theresa Murphy

I am considering a change in career. Given I am currently in extended limbo since the abrupt end of my most recent career more than three years ago, this could seem long overdue.