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Facebook IPO Hilarity

Obama, Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs

Just in case this didn't reach your inbox, here's a hilarious fake letter from Mark Zuckerberg to potential Facebook investors, written by Andy Borowitz.

Dialogue in the Dark

Dialog In The Dark

Forget the novel idea of dining in the dark. This is closer to the real deal: experiencing the world as someone without sight.

George Lucas: Hero Part II

Lucas Valley

OK, so we're not sorry we're his neighbours. But we very much like what he's doing with his land in Marin County, now that his neighbours have pissed him off.

Making Meaning: The New Money

Business Shadow Sxc Hu Ilco

It’s not long now before 5,000 more investment bankers start dusting off their CVs, beefing up their LinkdIn profiles, or decide to finally go from helping start-ups get acquired to starting up themselves.

U and Non-U

Nancy Mitford's Blue Plaque

In this world of ostentatious living (where everything old is new again), let's remind ourselves of U and Non-U English usage. For what it's worth.

Women At Work

Women Header

This is a very interesting info-graphic looking at the progress and the struggles of women in the workplace.

Monday Morning Inspiration

Smiling Breakfast

The Independent on Sunday published its Fifth Annual Happy List yesterday. May we all take a moment to glean some inspiration: inspiration on how to overcome hardship, and maybe even inspiration on ways we, too, could give back.