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Father Christmas in Summer

Father Christmas In Green

Father Christmas? — ‘Ye-e-s. How may I serve you?’ — Well, we were wondering…. We have an online discussion every day on various subjects, and we thought if you have time in your off-season, we might ask you to be honorary host of a question-and-answer session on summer. A ‘summer Q&A,’ as it were.

How to handle the heat (with science)


Many are reporting that this weekend could see a heatwave in the UK. But wherever and whenever they are, intelligent humans have developed ways to cool down, some of which are more drastic than others


Aristotle, Agios Dimitrios, Chrysafon Lakonias

Money and Usury

During the 4th century BC, Aristotle was of the opinion that money was a medium of exchange, but did not have an intrinsic value of its own since it was merely a human social invention which has no utility in itself [1].

Dialog In The Dark

Dialogue in the Dark

Forget the novel idea of dining in the dark. This is closer to the real deal: experiencing the world as someone without sight.


Funny Drive-Thru Prank

The guys over at have come up with another brilliant drive-thru prank, this one involves a car seat camouflage costume and some poor unsuspecting fastfood employees. Enjoy.....