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The Josh Brown case shows the NFL is still failing on domestic abuse

NFL: New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings

Few American corporations are more equipped to investigate an employee than the NFL. The league and their teams spend heavily to scour the past of every prospect coming out of college, hire private eyes to stalk players in nightclubs, and collect mountains of data on everything from sleep cycles to injury risk. If money is involved, they are relentless in what they seek.



Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger

Arsène Wenger should have won more but English football owes him a lot

Happy anniversary then, Arsène. You were the future once. Like most ageing pop culture icons Arsène Wenger has by now pretty much completed the full circuit from youthful innovator, new broom and all-round king of the wild frontier to something that looks a bit like the opposite: stick in the mud, barnacle, emissary from the distant past.