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Friday night football: a new dawn that has left fans feeling Sky’s the limit

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho

Contrary to what Gil Scott-Heron told us all those years ago, the revolution will be televised. On Friday night comes the first of 10 matches that are to take place on that day of the week during this Premier League season – Manchester United v Southampton – and the hope at Sky Sports is that having paid billions for the right to show top-flight football in a new primetime slot, millions tune in to see what is on offer.



Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo reacts

Cristiano Ronaldo is the person with a small mentality, not the Iceland players

One week in and Euro 2016 has already delivered some intriguing ironies, the most spectacular one being Cristiano Ronaldo complaining about over-celebration after Iceland’s enjoyed taking a point against Portugal on Tuesday night. We’d recommend Ronaldo take a long hard look at himself in the mirror if we didn’t know that he already spends several hours a day doing exactly that.