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Tyson Fury To Grip New York in savage Embrace on US debut

Boxing Gloves

On the front page of his Twitter account, Tyson Fury shares this sentiment with his 86,000-plus followers: "God loves us all so much trust in him! Family is the way forward dont trust strangers. Never let anyone no your buisness. Love your woman & enjoy life. Bless u."



Eddie The Eagle Movie Poster

Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards is the loser who has a lesson for us all

A suave British superspy is rescuing a captive from a mountain hideout. Leaping on a snowmobile, the secret agent races down the slopes with daredevil brilliance, dodging bullets, leading his pursuers towards the mountain’s edge. “Don’t worry,” he tells his terrified passenger with a cocky grin, “I’ve done this before” – and off they fly, over the cliff.